Trying to Take the Whole House

I have a question for those of you out there who have been camping for a long time, do you try to bring all of your belongings with you when you camp?  I have a feeling that it is kind of like having your first baby and over-packing the diaper bag when you head to the grocery store with outfits, toys, diapers and wipes, shopping cart cover, sunblock, mittens, sunhat, snow hat and the like when all the baby will ever need is a pacifier. Having said that, I needed to experience the dragging of the 40lb bag from my car to the store while balancing the baby in the carseat in the other hand.  Actually, I had to have that experience about ten times before I decided to leave the diaper bag in the car.

As Bill and I begin to pack for our trip, our dining room table is covered in items that we think are essential.  Looking at it now, I’m not quite sure that we will need all of this stuff on our first outing.  Sure, linens and towels are musts but a new paper towel holder? Surely we will survive without that, won’t we?

So, I am asking a little advice…what would you say are the essentials that everyone should have on a first camping trip in the new travel trailer?  I sure would love to know your thoughts.

Thank you!




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