Teacher with a Travel Trailer & a Great Husband

Travel Trailer Storage & Backing in…Egad!


Hello My Friends,

We have been home for a week now and we have had to do some of the technical stuff that comes with owning a travel trailer camper.  We had to find storage in Connecticut which is not as easy as you may think.

We do not have any space on our property to store the camper and we knew this before we made the purchase.  Bill diligently called storage facilities in our area to find a spot that was close by and secure.  Believe it or not, it was quite the hunt! While TTs are very common in the midwest, and in other parts of the country, they are not as common around coastal New Haven County.  He finally found a spot in a storage area a couple of towns over. You should have seen us backing the trailer into our space.  Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

When we got to the storage area, we were the only people there.  This was a shame because we ended up receiving help to get into the spaces at each of our campgrounds last week.  The thing about campers that is awesome is how helpful everyone is to each other.  As people saw us struggling to park the travel trailer in Indiana and in Pennsylvania, angels came to our aide.  Thank you to Greg from Michigan, and Joe from New York for helping out.  Basically, they could no longer watch the sideshow of me trying to give Bill directions on backing-up.

Please know that I have many wonderful qualities, but directions and geometry are not my strong suit.  Add to this equation the fact that the driver needs to move in the opposite direction of where he wants to have the trailer go and we have the makings of a disaster!  Thankfully, these two angels helped Bill to navigate the 29 footer into place and they stayed for conversation and to unhook from the truck too.  We were not as lucky in the storage area.

“Turn to the left”, I yell so that he can hear me.  He does and the trailer begins to move the wrong way.  “Stop!” I wail.  “Should I move forward?” Bill yells back.  “Sure”, I say because I had no idea what else to say.  “Move the steering wheel to the right” I yell. Please know that there are two reasons for the yelling, so that Bill can hear me and because terror is now rising throughout my entire body.

He does as I have directed, and the TT goes the opposite of what I am saying, or is it what I was thinking? I think it was both.  Five minutes into the fiasco Bill and I were saying “honey” to each other through gritted teeth.  He was so frustrated, and so was I.  After at least 25 minutes, the Freedom Express was finally parked, and parked well I might add. How? A lot of trial and error.  I’ll bet the security tape is hysterical!

Any suggestions about how to get better at backing the camper in?

Happy Camping!