Wanting to hit the Road Again

Today was the second day home since our camping trip in our new travel trailer and I’m already scoping the internet for affordable campsites near me.  Do you feel the same way when your come home?

We are thinking about getting a site close to home and leaving it there for 2-3 weeks so that Bill can go to work and yet we can all camp at night.  What’s the chance that you did something similar when you began to camp after the initial purchase?

We did contact the salesman about the door problem that we had on the way home from PA,  and the issue now needs to go to the technical team to find a solution.  I am looking to add our own style and am scouring sites and YouTube for ideas.  I love to see what other people are doing to make their camper their home.

How often did you camp after your initial investment in your camper? I would just love to know.

Happy Camping!


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