Traveling as a Pack

Bill and I have traveled with the two kids many times over the past 18 years.  We have been through the toddler screaming in a restaurant stage (not fun! For those of you going through it now, please know that many of us out there are happy that you are out to dinner as a family; we get it.), the flying on Jet Blue, as well as a number of car trips up and down the east coast and one all the way out to Houston, Texas.  We have really enjoyed our travels with the kiddos but we have always had a dog sitter or boarded the dogs for every single one of our trips.  This time is going to be different.

Since we plan on going camping on a regular basis I really want to bring our dogs; they are apart of our family! Whenever we have returned from a trip in the past, Ginger would pant for days trying to ease her anxiety.  The poor baby! Because of this, a huge part of finding a travel trailer that will work for us was making a “must have” list. Top on the list is the need for space for the four of us as well as for our two dogs, Ginger and Bella.  We considered a bunkhouse but since our kids are becoming older teens we believe that they may not want to travel with us as much over the next few years.  What we really need is a common place where there is enough room for everyone to sit and space on the floor for our fur girlies.

As all campers know, when the weather is nice, which has been the case since we picked up the trailer, a campground is the most wonderful place to be.  But should there be a rainy day or an extended rainy season, being comfy in the camper with the doggies is important to us. The Freedom Express that we bought (248RBS) well works because we can sleep 4 quite comfortably while having plenty of space for our pawed pals.

So far, I have greatly enjoyed the trip.  One of our kids moody has come around to the camping experience and is enjoying all that the KOA in Bellefonte, PA has to offer.  The other is not too gungho about camping but does love a good campfire at night.  The campground is incredibly peaceful, clean and surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Mike and Yvonne from the campsite next door just told me about the annual art show in State College, near Penn State.  They said that it is a spectacular event which runs throughout the weekend.  They also highly recommended the ice cream; I’m in!

This friendly lifestyle and laidback family time is just what we all needed!  I love a vacation where your neighbors come over and have a cup of coffee with you, new friends are just a TT away. Extra coffee and cups has made it to the “must have” list too.

For those of you who have been camping in a TT for awhile, what are your list of “must haves” and why?

Happy Camping,



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