Teacher with a Travel Trailer & a Great Husband

Chomping at The Bit


Bill gets out of work in 30 minutes–he has been so excited for 4:30 to come today–camping is right around the corner!  I picture him acting like Fred Flintstone, a horn blowing and he yells, “yabba, dabba, doo!” as he skies down an apatosaurus’ tail (BTW, back in the day we called it a brontosaurus but scientists has since enhanced the name: aPATosaurus).  Anyway, one of the reasons that we began thinking of a getting a travel trailer for camping is because we have two beautiful dogs whom we love! Ginger is around 10 years old and most likely a chow-labrador mix.  Bella is 4 and she is a zuchon, half shih tzu and half bachon.  I appreciate the name that they created for her breed as it could have been a lot worse, and something that you wouldn’t want to repeat to your grandkids or grandma!

So getting back on track, both of our doggie girls are coming with us as we pick up the travel trailer.  The fur babies have always hated being boarded. Last time it took Ginger days to relax and stop panting once she got home from the kennel.  That problem is gone now that they will be joining us.  Yay!

Since the pups will be traveling, we decided to get them to the vet before we left. It was time to update their rabies, lyme disease and other vaccinations and we want to be sure that they are in great shape for the trip.  Not only do we want them to stay healthy, we want to be sure that if, I should say “when” they encounter other pals on the road they won’t pass on anything awful.  Ginger did need a little procedure but has been cleared to hit the road (not only did she get anesthesia for the procedure, she needed an anti-anxiety injection because she missed us so much when she woke up at the veterinarian’s office. This episode helped to confirm that the decision not to boarded them was the right one!)

As of this posting, we have shopped for equipment, done oodles of laundry, began to pack dry goods, and got the dogs all set health-wise.  Now we need to do a little bit of grocery shopping, finish packing and check our route so that we don’t end up on a parkway where TTs don’t belong. I wonder, has this ever been an issue for any on you? Do you use a particular app that helps drivers with campers, TTs, and RVs navigate well?

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  I so appreciate it and hope if you like it you will pass along to another traveler.