The Journey Begins…Almost!

So here we are, it’s Sunday, July 1st, 2018 and I just ended my very long school year last Thursday.  Oh yeah, let me introduce myself: my name is Pat and I’m a teacher but that’s not what this blog is really about.  My husband Bill and I decided to do something that was so out of the ordinary for both of us, we decided that we want to go camping.  Not tent camping mind you; I am not in the slightest that adventurous! I am a person who likes creature comforts like beds and bathrooms.  This is why we believe that a travel trailer will really meet our needs. My friend says that this does not make me a “real camper”, but in my mind it’s all good!

Last year we tested out our new, “hobby” or “vacation plan” by renting a 2014 Jayco. We went camping in PA in the middle of farms, and corn fields, and thousands of lightening bugs.  Let me be honest right now, I was not all that excited about the trip but Bill’s happiness made me happy and I thought, ‘what the heck’.  Once we got to the park and I was actually camping, I caught the bug.  Who wouldn’t like, happy, friendly people, swimming, grilling and campfires?  Right from night one I was hooked and Bill was over the moon.  We had our two teenagers with us on that trip and they liked it; ok they didn’t, “like it, like it”, but they didn’t fall to pieces without tons of electronics either.

Having said that, we decided that a bunkhouse was not the way to go for us even though that is what we practiced with.  We want something small and towable with enough sleeping spaces for the 4 of us when we are altogether. We want a bedroom and yes, I do want a door for the room; I should say right now that I am not a stuffy person but I do like my alone time and to sleep later than Bill.  We want a small indoor kitchen and an outside kitchen.  A U dinetter? You bet!  And as I already mentioned a bathroom. We plan on having Ginger and Bella with us on most if not all trips (they are our adorable dogs), so a little bit of floor space will be adequate.

Our exciting news: we are expecting!  We are expecting to pick-up our TT early next week!  We will replace the picture above with an actual picture of our new baby soon.  What make and model did we choose? Stay tuned!  What could possibly go wrong when a couple from New England decides to buy a camper in the midwest and begin the journey?  I hope nothing but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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  1. When I was a kid, our family had a little Airstream trailer that we hitched to our woody station wagon and traveled around in during the summer. It had a bedroom, kitchen, and kitchen table that converted into a double bed. My two sisters and I slept there! We had a pup tent that was set up for my brother. We went all over the Midwest. Wonderful family memories!

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