Getting Ready

Bill has been the happiest that I have seen him in a good three years now that we have taken the plunge to go camping and ordered our travel trailer.  He works very hard in manufacturing which is great for his meticulous nature along with his electrical and mechanical background, but he really deserves “time off” on vacation days.  No yard work or looking for projects around the house.  He needs downtime!   About three years ago he went camping with his brother and our kids and he remembered how nice life is unplugged. Ironically, he has been watching YouTube videos about camping, RVs, truck campers, travel trailers and everything camping for about two years now.  Some of the Youtube hosts feel like family at this point.  “Hey is that Josh or Ian?” Kate said just two days ago when she walked into the living room and stared at the screen.  Bill is practically giddy waiting for the big day when we pick up our TT! A happy camper? I would say so!

Today was like his birthday because a brown box with a smile was on our doorstep loaded with essential camping gear, or so we think!  While I was thinking of items for the inside, he was making a list and checking it twice for the mechanical and functional things we will need for camping and specifically for hauling a trailer.  Between the two of us I think that we will more than manage our first trip, but with all of these purchases we may be living on PB&J, grilled cheese and eggs for awhile.  I think that it is worth it in the end.



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